Тема: share stocks

A share stocks are shares holder or a person who owns certain percentage of the shares in a company. This person who buys shares is called stake holder and has a claim in part of a corporation assets and can sells his shares or claim then anytime they wish to. The share stock of a company is sold in unit called shares and those share unit has ownership in a company or corporation this is one of traded financial instruments or investment. There are many companies that u can buy projects from ethier online or on the internet by simply serching the web or read for more infomation. A holder of stock represents a claim on company assets and earnings as more stock is acquired your ownership stake in the becomes greater. A stock share holder does not really have to be a funder or owner or either a worker, Actually anyone who has interest in investing in that project is more than welcome and will have to sign the contract or agree with terms and condition of a company before the can process. Borisov., Belarus