Тема: Multiple questions about JSON and JS


Can anyone help me out on this little program to increase my knowledge on JSON and JS?

I'm requesting a results page from google via their api. I get the results in json.

With the results i use a path transversal vuln to get a RSS feed. This RSS feed can be converted to JSON using a RSS2JSON Converter.

With the results from the rss feed/json feed, i extract the links i want to use.
(The links are in a JSON array)

Now this links needs to be edited...

From http://websitehere.com/search/query/index.php
to http://websitehere.com/search/results/index.php

Then use a Ajax request to submit my edited example.

I know that this is a lot can anyone help out?


Re: Multiple questions about JSON and JS

Hi, i have a few new questions...

Can i make multiple JSON requests inside one another?

For example:
1- I request json from G API
2- I then format the string and make another json query to another api
3- I grab the results from the last request and make a final http request