Тема: [Service] MASSIVE DDOS/Instant testing of your resource.

I offer you a high-quality attack service - quick solution to your problems, instantaneous testing of your resource.

Benefits of ddos service:
-Passed checks on neighboring marketplaces;
-Working through a guarantor service is welcome at your expense;
-In case of any problems Money Back (for the remaining time or not at the time of the order);
-Paid Test 5-10 minutes-5 USD -(to verified customers or for review test free);
-For orders from 3 days there are discounts -(SPECIAL PRICE for regular customers);
-Monitoring of attacked objects-(on the network 24/7);
-100% Anonymity -(no one will know about our cooperation);
-I start the attack immediately after payment;
-I can refuse to carry out an order without explanation;
-I work without mediation by private software;
-Many types of attacks -(http/https/tcp/udp/ip/syn/post/get)

Prices can be changed depending on the complexity of the protection of the attacked resource.

-Prices for weak resources.
Days (from) - 45 USD
Week (from) - 280 USD - Week
Month (from) - 1000 USD - Month

-Prices for medium resources.
Days (from) - 110 USD
Week (from) - 550 USD - Week
Month (from) - 1550 USD - Month

-Prices for protected.
Days (from) - 180 USD
Week (from) - 1000 USD - Week
Month (from) - 2600 USD - Month

When ordering please specify: (site.com, ip-port, how long you need DDoS, budget).
I accept Bitcoin and crypto (QIWI and other payment methods by agreement).


Check contacts before ordering, don't fall for cheaters.
work strictly on these contacts, if necessary, verification in the PM on the forum, where verified.


Re: [Service] MASSIVE DDOS/Instant testing of your resource.


3 Востаннє редагувалося frz (19.03.2022 00:09:15)

Re: [Service] MASSIVE DDOS/Instant testing of your resource.

If you don't speak Ukrainian, you can either use online translators or create your thread in English section: https://replace.org.ua/forum/10/

Also right now we Ukrainians would rather cooperate with volunteers who would like to ddos russian resources for free.

Btw, regarding protected resources, just curious how do you override cloudflare or similar stuff? (if you would like to share)