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Тема: Шукаємо бажаючих Python Developer переїхати до Берліну.

Python Developer (Berlin)
for cloud platform
Visa sponsorship!

Would you like to help develop a Python-based cloud compute platform with a Django + Ajax web interface at a busy, friendly company? Their cloud servers are either VMs running on Linux KVM or Docker-like containers, both managed by their in-house cloud platform. Their cloud platform is largely written in Python, with the web interface layer provided by a Django + Ajax web application.

They are a leading cloud computing provider, founded in 2008. They offer ultra flexible and easy-to-use cloud servers (IaaS) from their own data centres, and also license and manage their cloud platform for other providers who wish to offer cloud servers under their own brand. They are an established start-up business, with a motivated, knowledgeable team who built their entire technology platform in-house, integrating and patching the underlying open source technologies. They have a friendly, informal atmosphere, with the office containing a pool table and a board game collection, and are looking for a software engineer happy to join a small team and grow with them.

As one of their software engineers, most of your work will be in Python, and most of your Python work will be on their Django-based, PostgreSQL-backed web UI. In addition to this, there is scope to get involved with the technology integration layers beneath this one, or with the JS/CSS front-end layer above it. They operate a rapid development cycle, adding small features and fixing bugs in response to customer feedback, whilst they simultaneously pursue longer-term platform development. The small, flexible team you'll be joining means you'll have scope to get involved in defining the development process, or even to get more involved in the tooling and DevOps side of development.

Your work will include:

- Development of the Python/Django/Ajax web application of the user interface.
- Adding features and fixing bugs with a rapid turnaround in response to customer feedback.
- Working with their support team to identify and fix bugs.
- Implementing the longer term feature roadmap for this code base.
- Contributing to the development of lower layers of their technology stack, much of which is also in Python.
- Contributing to the open source technologies which they use.


- Experience with some of: Python; Django, Javascript/Ajax, CSS, SQL.
- Experience with or interest in contributing to open source projects.
- A good eye for UI design.
- Knowledge about web hosting technologies: domains, DNS, IPs, load balancing
- Enthusiastic graduates with a history of recreational programming are welcome.
Our client accepts international applications and offers Visa sponsoring.

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