Тема: Шукаємо FullStack Software Developer (Мілан)

В англомовний стартап в Мілані потрібен FullStack Software Developer

Experience and Skills Needed (0-18 Months):
· Spearhead all engineering efforts in deploying cutting edge technologies involving distributed systems, real time services for users and scaling existing IT infrastructure
· Maintenance and expansion of complex RESTful APIs at the core of our products
· Collaborate on new and existing features
· Creatively solve scaling challenges

Required Skills:
· Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB
· Software versioning (Git, Svn, etc)
· Ability to follow the development of new features, from design to deployment in production
· Awareness about software programming best practices, common problems, efficiency issues The following skills are a plus:
· NoSQL databases other than MongoDB
· Linux servers management, Linux competence
· IBM Softlayer, or experience with virtual servers management
· Front end web languages (HTML, CSS, AngularJS)
· Experience in mobile development (Android or iOS)
· Experience in geolocation mobile app and wireless technology

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