Тема: Фінська компанія шукає програмістів у стартап

Finnish startup is seeking professionals to join.

If you feel that you are a genuine ICT-whisperer, let's get in touch and sort out the details
In our pitch deck we have words like 'world, class, cloud, enabled, distributed, secure, safe, efficient, automatic, beautiful and poetic'
For an ICT-whisperer this means:
-Native Android App, Kotlin and Java
-Payment networks
-Face recognition
-Purpose build AWS services for app configuration, maintenance and logging facilities
-Purpose build AWS services for messaging between App and Cloud services
-AWS services to support integrations to various legacy back-ends (like, you know, SOAP, REST)
-Java, Kotlin, Python, C's, Groovy, ... you know, anything but PHP
... git, jenkins, maven, gradle
... Slack, hangouts, teams
... agile, YAGNI, DTSTTCPW

No need to check all of the boxes above, just to give you an idea about the tools we have and techniques we use.
No one can know everything, but as a part of our team, you will have a solution for anything.
Team is not 'based' anywhere - we are looking for individuals to joins us virtually. So you can have a garage or bedroom or a shared office or whatever space from where you can work.
Also, you can choose you own tools, as long as Android Studio works on it.
so, I guess PS3 is out, but almost everything else under the sun is ok.

Basically, we are doing software that mainly runs on AWS cloud, but there is a very key component - native android client. We have a demo and looking to gather the team now and start early next year.

Please send your CV or questions to psg.sinkevych@gmail.com