Тема: Чому логування .net core це дуже надскладно ?

Хтось може пояснити мені ЧОМУ ТАК ???

https://stackoverflow.com/questions/607 … t-core-3-1
повністю розділяю думку того чувака

Okay, well, here is my two cents worth: I don't use logging libraries. Logging is just slightly more complicated than trivial, so it is very easy to do it yourself, whereas my experience with logging libraries is that they invariably require way too much troubleshooting and puzzling over why they don't work to be worth the trouble they save you. In these libraries they intentionally follow a "we never generate errors" doctrine, which means that troubleshooting them is virtually impossible. That's a lame doctrine. When something does not work, I want to see ERRORs. Plenty of ERRORs.