Тема: Senior JAVA Software Engineer

Customer is one of the leading healthcare software companies offering their services for clinics,

healthcare organizations and networks in Canada and the US.


Senior Software Engineer is a seasoned professional responsible for each of the tasks in the software

development process for the company’s state of-the-art SaaS based products. The successful candidate

must be dynamic, ambitious, and have a common vision of quality, integrity, and efficiency. The

successful candidate must demonstrate that their proficiency in technical knowledge harmonizes with the

business objectives and client needs. Other duties and responsibilities:

 Understand Healthcare IT domain

 Develop high quality & maintainable code using Java, GWT, SQL

 Develop user interface code using JavaScript and related technologies

 Able to work in a fast paced, highly technical, and result oriented environment

 Review technical design documents and code developed by other members of the team

 Propose processes and uncover gaps to further the continual improvement of software

development process

 Research new technologies that push the boundaries and capabilities of the current software and

provide insight on applying these in practice

 Engage with Client`s Professional Services, Product Support and other teams to quickly and

efficiently resolve customer issue.


The right candidate will be a goal-oriented individual with 4+ years of engineering experience with a

software or technology company and will possess the following skills and qualifications:

 Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering, or equivalent

 4+ Years of engineering experience with Java, Spring, GWT, SQL, UNIX

 Experience with at least one traditional RDBMS database

 Knowledge of unit and integration testing methodologies

 Service oriented attitude

 Excellent communication and organization skills, excellent problem solving abilities is must

 Ready for business trips

 Upper-intermediate written and oral English

You will be part of a project to develop a complex corporate system in healthcare domain. The main

objective is project scope optimization. You will mostly be engaged in fixing critical defects and

implementing new features (80-90% frontend and 10-20% backend development) using the following


Language / AppServer: Java EE 6 and 7, Jetty

Backend: Guice, Spring Cloud for AWS, Jersey, Apache Commons, Http Components, Lucene, Quartz,

JavaMail, Gson, JSON.simple, iText, ASM, Slf4j, Guava, Open Health Tools, Java library for Continuity of

Care Record, XMLBeans

Frontend: GWT, GWTP, RestyGWT, Gin, Google Chart Tools, Guava GWT, GWT upload, gwt-cal, gwt-


Data access: Liquibase, JDBC, PostgreSQL

Testing: JUnit, Mockito, Jukito

Methodologies: Agile/Scrum, CI (Jenkins, Puppet), TDD

Additional information:

Team structure: 20% Principal Engineers, 40% Senior Engineers, 40% Medium Engineers

Project duration: 5 years

Maximum trip duration: 2 months

Trips frequency: every 1 or 2 month

Overtime: possible, compensated

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