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Тема: Шукаємо бажаючих Ruby-on-Rails or AngularJS deviv переїхати до Берліну

Ruby-on-Rails or AngularJS developer, Berlin (m/f)
for Open Source project
visa sponsorship!

Job Description:

We are searching for excellent Ruby-on-Rails and AngularJS developers who are passionate about open source and would like to be engaged in OpenProject (openproject.org), a web-based open source software for project collaboration.
You will be developing features and plugins with high visibility as part of a rapidly growing, international community, governed by the OpenProject Foundation, in a young and dynamic company in central Berlin.

Required skills and qualifications:

Excellent Ruby-on-Rails development skills or excellent skills in JS, AngularJS
Good understanding of OpenProject key technologies and architecture
University degree in computer science, software engineering or similar
High motivation and engagement to work in an open source project environment with international customers
Experience in Agile development frameworks, i.e. Scrum, Kanban
A special skill which contributes to our team and sets you apart from others
Speak and write in English fluently and idiomatically

About the job:

Our client is a software engineering company, specialized in the development of the open source project collaboration software OpenProject.
The company is a founding member of the OpenProject Foundation (OPF) which governs the development of the project and the community. The OPF strives for developing excellent open source collaboration software with an innovative and active community.
Our client offers development of features and plugins for OpenProject as well as services for installation, support, and consultancy for the implementation and introduction of the software in even highly complex organizational structures.

As part of their team you can expect the following:

Participation in exciting open source project with high visibility
Great career opportunities in a young and rapidly expanding company
Interdisciplinary teams with software engineers, management consultants, and interface designers
Independence and freedom to realise own ideas
Exposure to key technologies and international clients
Friendly and considerate work environment
Excellent remuneration and opportunities to grow
Great office location in thriving neighbourhood Berlin Mitte
It is always worth having a personal chat with us.
We offer full visa sponsorship!

Надсилайте інформацію про себе та резюме: relocateforyou@gmail.com
Дякую і з найкращими побажаннями,
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Re: Шукаємо бажаючих Ruby-on-Rails or AngularJS deviv переїхати до Берліну

Це україномовний форум - відповідно і повідомлення має бути на українській!


Re: Шукаємо бажаючих Ruby-on-Rails or AngularJS deviv переїхати до Берліну

вангую що ТС більше не з*явиться, тому теми можна у смітник


Re: Шукаємо бажаючих Ruby-on-Rails or AngularJS deviv переїхати до Берліну

Вибачте будь ласка мене, але це позиції для переїзду і тому вони повинні бути тією мовою з якою працювати.